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"This book blew me away!!!! I spent most of my time holding my heart, shedding a few tears, and smiling like a loon. I adored Trey and Callie's journey. But, above, did I LOVE me some Alex!!! That girl was a riot!! This it's my first book by this author. No way in heck it will be my last. She has made a believer out of me!!! AWESOME READ!!!"

-Amazon Review

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Trey loved his wild nights and crazy friends almost as much as his mama and his truck.


The O’Brien family roots grew strong in the Midwest farming soil of his small town. He knew, without a doubt, nothing would ever break those bonds.

Until one tragic moment changed things forever.

Callie spent her childhood in and out of the hospital, living in the shadow of her illness. But she’d been given an unexpected second chance at life and she intended to live it at full-speed. She moved from one adventure to another, stopping only long enough to enjoy a rainstorm or two.

But she didn’t see Trey coming.


And now she will need to figure out how to protect her heart from her biggest challenge yet.

Could her secret destroy all hope of a reconciliation between Trey and his family?


Or will it be exactly what they need to pause, and remember how to live again?

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