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"Oh how I loved this book!!! Reckless Fear (The Black Viper Series, Book One) by Micki Fredricks was absolutely fantastic!!! I could not put this book down for even a second as I was so engrossed in the story. This is a dark story filled with twists and turns that has you asking more questions and wanting answers now. Ahhh, but the ending!!!!! I can't wait for book two. Definitely hooked on this author!"

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Reckless Fear

Tight Everly Sergeant-at-Arms of The Black Vipers M.C. In the world of The Black Vipers, sin runs free and I'm sin personified. Given permission by the cut I wear, I take whatever the emptiness inside me desires, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, the truth sin doesn’t want you to know–nothing is ever free.


It takes payment in flesh and degradation. A highly venomous predator, it slithers around inside of you, wreaking havoc and claiming your soul as its own.


Sasha was the savior to my sinful ways…only she didn’t want the job. When sin rules your life, there are no boundaries. You take without regret. She would be my salvation, even if I had to play the Devil to get her.


Sasha Campbell Being near Tight was like standing on the edge of a raging fire. The heat dangerously intoxicating, offering protection from the darkness while promising the burn of betrayal if I got too close. Yet here I stand, staring endlessly into the dancing flames, not noticing the building smoke or the ache of his all-consuming heat.


Unfortunately, I know how this story ends. Burned beyond recognition and discarded, I’m turned to ash without a second thought. Completely destroyed by him. There had to be a way to avoid the damage he’d inflict. The problem was, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Because with Tight, this kind of burn feels amazing.


**WARNING** Dark Contemporary Romance/New Adult Novel. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and older. This is the first book in The Black Vipers Series. Tight's story will not come to conclusion in this book.

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