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"Oh my word ❤️If you need your sleep hold this one for the weekend. I couldn’t put it down, and yes it is so worth the extra caffeine it took to get through the next day. Beautiful story…I can only hope such a place as Love Blooms exists. Just Beautiful"

-Amazon Review

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Blueberry Pointe Book #1

A Girl Named Charlie

“If life was regulated by star ratings, I would be a one… maybe one and a half star.”

Single mom, Charlie, is trying to make it to the end of the week without another major catastrophe. Her day-to-day life is nothing what she expected it to be, and she doesn’t have time to figure out where everything went wrong. Keeping her head above water has proven to be harder than avoiding her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

Topping the list of things she doesn’t have time for: laundry, balancing her bank account, and love.

But when dreamy Reid Fletcher, a handsome doctor from the city, moves into her little hometown of Blueberry Pointe, Charlie wonders if maybe her list is too long.

It seems the sexy doctor is determined to find a way into Charlie’s life, even if that means jumping into the eye of the storm and making her struggles his own.

Until life happens, tragedy strikes, and everything takes an all too familiar nose dive.

Can Charlie see through her brokenness and find her way back to happiness? Or will she do what she’s always done and put everyone else’s happiness before her own?

No one knows exactly how this will turn out, especially not… A girl named Charlie.

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