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Blueberry Pointe Book #2


Releasing July 11th! 

"I absolutely loved this story, I just couldn't put it down and read a few pages any chance I got. I loved the banter, it was so funny. Not many books have me actually laughing out loud but this one totally did, if I could give more than 5 stars I would."

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Every bad situation starts with a good idea. Doesn't it?

It all started with a foolproof plan and ended in a dumpster fire. How did I screw things up so badly?
Two words.
Leo Dorsey.
With his disgustingly perfect lips, dark blue eyes, and the type of hair that begs you to run your hands through it.
But that attitude… whew! He growls more than he speaks.
When he approaches me with a proposition, I have a decision to make. I can either help him get his ex-girlfriend back and he’ll return the favor by getting me an interview for my dream job, or I can remain stuck in my little hometown of Blueberry Pointe.
Sounds easy enough, right? Except nothing is easy with Leo.

I needed one thing from Jules. Show me what a woman wants in a relationship while acting as my fake girlfriend, and I'd give her a chance she wouldn't otherwise have.
She gets the job and I get the girl. We both walk away happy and with a new start to life.
It’s a solid plan until it isn’t.
The problem is, I realized too late in the game, there’s nothing fake about having your heart broken by Jules Becker.
Now, I just need to make her understand that faking it isn’t an option anymore.


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